"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Dry Board Games

My last few forays into longer board games have been decidedly dry, unfortunately. I wasn’t quite sure what made them that way. The games I played were solid and things I would normally enjoy, but for some reason they didn’t quite excite me.

I was wondering why that is. It started with In The Name of Odin. This is a nice game but very non-confrontational, solitaire-like. Then I moved onto games like San Juan and Explorers of the North Sea. All these games have the lack of dice as something in common, but I think it may have more to do with playing them all together.

I think that between games I need a good ameri-trash or fast-paced game. Otherwise, the games just feel very samey and slow paced (compared to the alternatives of computer games, etc.)

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Cthulhu Realms is a game I really like. Similar to Star Realms, it feels a bit less swingy. However, one of the things that really bothers me about this is the artwork. The artwork is horrendous. Choosing to go with a satirical-cartoony style (compared to how Star Realms make space lobsters look serious.

Which is a shame. It comes with enough cards for four players (as well as rules) and decent scoring tracks. However, the bad artwork makes me shy away from this game. In my opinion, this was a really poor design choice for this game and takes me out of the game too much. Which is a same: this could have been a real winner.

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The Brisbane Broncos have bounced back with a big win against a the struggling Rabbitohs. Once again, a win against a struggling team means nothing. But the Broncos went from world-beaters to losing games left, right and centre (by often embarrassing scorelines).

I believe that this is because of a couple of close losses when the Broncos were flying high. I believe that they just lost against the Cowboys followed by the Sharks. This must have had a huge impact on their confidence. If, while at their best and everything was going well, they couldn’t beat the best.

So there systems weren’t working against the best teams, so they lose faith or confidence in what they are doing. And when you are expected to go one better than last year, you need your confidence. So now the losses have piled up and we are left wondering if they will even be contenders come finals time?

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So Queensland took out the State of Origin series for 10 out of the last 11 years. Queensland are a great side but 10 years ago, who would’ve thought Smith, Cronk, Thurston, etc. would be so good. These days, people go on about this champion Queensland team neglecting how they were moulded.

New South Wales, for the most part, were their own worst enemies. After having conditions match them, they still lost Game One. Then, for some reason, they continue to show loyalty to allot of players that have lost them so many series now. People like Gallen, Farah, Bird, etc. seem to always put in a good effort but they continue to lose, The solution- keep picking them of course. Why not pick Tedesco (your Game One choice before injury) after the replacement was part of a losing team?

This makes Game Three sort of interesting. Will the Queenslanders make it a white wash to put an exclamation point on their dominance during the twilight years of their spine (Slater, Smith, Thurston)? Will the Blues continue to show undeserved loyalty to the players who continue to bring an Origin losing culture to their team? Or will just no-one care?

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Well, that was an interesting State of Origin last night. Some people will begrudge the game for being slow, but the most annoying factor for me was the commentary. The NSW-centric commentary was the most grating thing ever.

Seriously, clear knock-ons that have been overruled or clear no-tries adjudicated from the Bunker are called into question (The ball clearly bounced off the NSW players head but not even acknowledged when it was overruled). This is not even mentioning that it was always ‘us needing to score’, etc.

Of course, the clear shepherds and NSW dirty plays (grapple tackles, running 20m across to shoulder kick-chases away, attacking the legs of a jumping player) are clearly just left alone and not even questioned.

Please just give a more balanced commentary or get rid of the NSW stalwarts. Although a fan, last  night clearly made me want to say “Shut-Up Gus”… as well as most the rest of the commentary.

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Live Photo?

Wow. I just saw an advertisement for live photo where you can take a moving picture. When you press it, it moves and transports you through time. When you release it, it goes back to the photograph.

This does sound like revolutionary technology. Having a picture where you can can press it to play moving pictures and sound is so revolutionary. Maybe they should call this new technology a much more inconvenient video that you have to block part of the picture for to actually watch it.


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For the last couple of days I have been resting on doctors orders. This is due to stress-related illness’ (poor sleep and headaches). Having an enforced break from things let me get a few things back in perspective.

The main thing that I have noticed is how many things I have left fallen by the wayside. Exercise is still consistent but not as much as I would like. And with the long work hours the diet and work hours have not been sustainable.

With the last couple of days it has shown me that I need to make some changes. Now the question is, as always, whether I can make these changes stick before I have a more serious wake-up call.