"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Board Games and Computer Games

Both computer games and board games have good things to offer. I guess the main thing is what sort of experience you are after at the time.

Board games are great to get to meet a bunch of people physically. Also, due to set-up time and actual physical components, I always found it easier to get invested in a board game where quitting is harder. And once you have a board game, you can normally play it at any time at a moments notice.

Computer games are fun to play if you are more a solitary gamer. They are also much easier to organise, often not requiring specific nights or geographic proximity to play multiplayer with friends. Extra variety is also great, with mod’s for games and custom maps often giving games new life after they have been around for awhile. And if you don’t like a game, you can switch at a moments notice.

So which one wins for me. If I have a choice, I normally go for board games. However, due to the convenience of computer games, I often play more computer games (as I don’t tend to have a choice due to availability and timeframes). Also, if I feel like trying something new, computer games make it much easier (from both a convenience and financial perspective).

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Game Themes and Lords of Waterdeep

I was recently playing the Lords of Waterdeep board game and just couldn’t find myself getting into it. I am normally big into game themes and realised that the main problem is I didn’t feel like a Lord of Waterdeep. It just felt like I was pushing cubes around instead of directing what the cubes are meant to represent- Adventurers. Also, for controlling adventurers, their is very little conflict or attacking (outside the euro-game thing of blocking actions). I would have really been more into this game if they used meeples or shaped tokens as opposed to different colours of cube for wizards, fighters, etc. Giving  the option to attack other players would have also helped. As it stands, I don’t think the mechanics or the game is strong enough and the theme not really good enough to make it a must-play for me.

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“Kenichi- The Mightiest Disciple” Anime Thought

Kenichi is a series that started well. However, due to the law of the hierarchy of bad guys, the anime does lose something towards the end that it had at the beginning.

Kenichi is a story of a bullied kid who goes to train under a bunch of crazy martial arts masters to become the strongest. His growing skills also earn the attention of the delinquents and local gangs determined to show that they are stronger or to beat him. At the beginning, you see him learning and using various techniques to beat different styles (i.e illegal moves to beat a club-fighter in a street-fight). It is done in a tongue in cheek style with the crazy masters and how they treat him providing much of the entertainment.

However, towards the end, the fights devolve into dragon-ball style most times. To show how good a new guy is, they have punches and defences just flashing around with no clear detail around technique. Also, outside of the callous masters, the serious parts with Kenichi often fall flat. There is only so many times he can man-up over the same thing that can be presented before boredom sets in.

Overall, Kenichi is good, but the early season is definitely much better than before the anime ends. Not sure if the manga has the same problem.

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So my first book back was a relatively light read. It was called Bring Me The Head Of Ryan Giggs. The book was about a bitter ex-player for Manchester United and who he blamed when his rise to stardom was tragically cut short.

As far as first books back go, it was quite entertaining. It was a light book which touched on some heavy themes (mainly the public’s pre-occupation with putting kids on pedestals and the mercenary nature of professional sport). It is done entirely from the ex-players point of view as we follow his struggles and hardships through his life.

So now that I have the book bug again, I am now reading a Victorian-error mystery about a girl who has died on the eve of her marriage (Luxe). Definitely a little bit of a heavier book than Bring me the Head of Ryan Giggs but none-the-less quite intriguing at the moment as they build up the world and the relations around it.

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Next Books I Want To Read

After a too long hiatus from reading, I was thinking about what would be the best type of book would be to get back into it. Originally I was thinking of a long book to really sink my teeth into. However, I think a shorter book or two would be better. This would be as much to train my mind to focus and read more rather than the instant, bite-sized gratification I have been having lately.

Next was the genre. I would like a fantasy book, but most of these seem to be world-building, potential-movie trilogies these days. I think a small biography or maybe management self-improvement type book would be better and more interesting. They also tend to be allot more manageable for a now more casual reader. Fantasy, however, does spark up my imagination allot more.

So in the end, I think the first choice is a short-ish, single book fantasy. If I can’t find that, maybe a relatively short biography on someone I am interested in or a management-type book would be better. It has been too long since I let my mind wander reading a book.

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My Thoughts Smash Run on Super Smash Brothers (3ds)

I really like the smash run for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (A game where Nintendo characters fight eachother). Sure, it has it’s problems, but for, it is overall a positive experience. I like how you can run through a level, slowly powering your character up. I love fighting a wide variety of enemies from videogames long past. I love the customisation options to take items to help clear out some of these enemies.

However, it is far from perfect. A couple of different maps would have been good. Also, the pay-off sometimes doesn’t feel worth it. I would like the option to choose not to have races but rather just battles after the game ends. Also, after 5 minutes of building my character, I would like at least a 3-4 minute brawl as opposed to the default 2 minute match. However, it says allot about how much I like it that I am willing to play it through for the 1 in every 3 times (average) that it comes together well (a compelling match at the end of a hard-fought dungeon crawl).

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G.R.L.: From Ugly Heart to Lighthouse

I liked Ugly Heart. I feel that G.R.L. did a good, upbeat song about telling someone to get lost. It was a pleasant change (at the time) from the songs that felt like they were just pining (I believe Sam Smith and John Legend were in their prime at the time). Fun, upbeat songs were in their primacy.

The follow-up, Lighthouse, does away with most of that to join the ranks of the countless other slow ballads on the radio. The first song or two that were slow were good. When 90% of the new pop songs are slow ballads, it becomes quite tedious. Maybe their producer decided to jump G.R.L. on the bandwagon, but Lighthouse is a song I switched from without even listening to the end of it.

It is made even worse my being dedicated to someone. So now I have a song I don’t like, made worse because I really liked the bands first song, and I now feel bad about not liking it. Fantastic.


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