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New-Generation Consoles

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 So as the new console generation has rolled in, I find myself completely unexcited about what either the PS4 or X-Box One have to offer. I guess the main reason is that the last generation of consoles took away allot of what I liked about consoles. With that I have returned to PC gaming and handhelds.

 This generation of gaming has taken away the joys of split screen for the most part. Even allot of the racing games and first person shooters I see are only one gamer per console. So the options for multiplayer are reduced to go online, which is something I find far more convenient to do via the use of my laptop. And then there is the simplicity that has been lost. I can still remember trying to figure out how to play a multiplayer game on my 360 and having to go through the hassle of signing in. Add to this the reports of huge install times or patches for games and the high cost of accessories, and on the whole I find PC gaming (once again) simpler. This isn’t even mentioning the smaller games library due to exclusivity deals and lack of backwards compatibility.

So with the new generation I will enjoy cheaper games on PC. When I am in need for some local multiplayer, I will plug in a couple of controllers and emulate some of the classic SNES games. My 3DS because that is still simple to just pull out and play anywhere, anytime (especially with the shiny new case I brought for it). What I found most appealing about consoles (local multiplayer, large games library, simplicity and quick start-up times) doesn’t exist anymore. The Wii-U may be a different matter, but it will need more than Zombie-U to convince me to buy it.


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