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Distance Running and Sprinting

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 I have always liked distance running. From fun runs (although people I know struggle to see how they are called fun) and triathlon running legs to the more serious trail runs and marathons, my first brush with running has always been distance. And I have liked it. The thrill of seeing all that training pay off for new personal bests or to beat someone in a bit of friendly rivalry. To me, distance running has always been very honest. You put in the training, you get the rewards. Over the distances involved, genetics and luck start to get minimised. 

 However, lately I have been experimenting with more sprinting and interval training over just distance running. I normally still do one-distance run a week (1 hour plus), but now between them I only really do beach sprints, hill sprints and some intervals (often combined with bodyweight exercises during rest periods). 

 Now that I am not concerned about friendly rivalries and beating previous PB’s (due to time constraints on my training), I guess time will tell whether this training will pay off with my times. I know in terms of how I look and body-fat percentage, the increased variety has done wonders for these two probably more important areas.


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