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A Legend Of Zelda- A Link Between Worlds Most Disappointing Zelda Game

 The Legend of Zelda series have a firm place in my heart. From my childish nostalgia for A Link To The Past to the 3D wonder of Ocarina of Time (my equal 2 favourites), I have always relied on them to provide some great action games. And then along comes A Legend of Zelda- A Link Between Worlds. To me, this was the most disappointing Zelda game that I have played. It may not have been the worst, but it definitely did not live up to the high pedigree that I have come to expect from these games.

 And how did it achieve this dubious honour? Because for the whole game I didn’t encounter one decent new element. This whole game felt like it was ripped from A Link To The Past. The first Zelda game to be a direct sequel, I avoided most the hype for this game. But I started to get concerned when I noticed the same map from A Link To The Past. And then I noticed the same enemies. And then the same dungeon locations. Even allot of the bosses are repeated (oh, the turtle boss with the helmet, the boss thief in the dark world village, the big snake that has a tail for you to keep hitting, the final dungeon repeating the three light world bosses). Allot of the cool items are then taken out, replaced with one-use only items (oh cool sandrod that makes pillars of sand, shame there is no sand outside of the sand dungeon). Even the big new gimmick of merging into a wall painting is just like shimmying a wall in a stealth game.

 I kept expecting this game to open up to something new. Maybe along the lines of extending the map world so that there are actual NEW AREAS (kind of like the old map is part of a bigger map), or the reveal of a third world. But no- if this cut-paste game is Nintendo’s best attempt at one of their beloved franchises, I shudder to think what is going to happen to games such as Smash Bros. and Donkey Kong and Mario. A Link Between Worlds, for me, is the most disappointing Zelda game and I would prefer to play Link To The Past via emulator any day of the week (a game I have beaten 6 separate times, a game with infinitely more heart and thoughtfulness than this game).



Random Star Wars Thought Today

 What defines a strong female character. Is it as simple as just writing them as a character? If so, how come we are so focused on it.

 To me, Princess Leia (from Star Wars) is a strong female character and is perhaps one of the first female characters that I identified with as a strong character (maybe the first, but memory is an unreliable friend the further in life we get). I didn’t even realise why until I started to think about it recently. To me, it comes down to several reasons.

 1. She is an action girl. She is always in the thick of the action and actually has a reason to be there.

 2. She has her own ideas and contributes to the Rebellion. Even when she is captive, she has a hand in her own escapes without simply following others orders.

 3. She looks good in a bikini. This may not seem important but just like male heroes being muscular, it represents an ideal to strive to. This is related to themes of eating healthy and fitness.

 4. She is open to love but not enslaved by the idea of a relationship. She doesn’t go around saying how much she hates men or constantly searching for a man.

 So the original Star Wars has one of the strongest female characters ever written. But then if you look at, say, The Bechdel Test (or a bunch of other tests out there), it fails. Star Wars only ever had the one female character, so it is technically a sexist film. Princess Leia is a really strong character (and I believe allot of the sexualisation of her is people shifting this intangible idea to the more tangible Point 3 above) in a cast of strong characters, but these stupid tests that try to break things down to simple rules would class this movie as sexist.