"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin


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As my unemployment continues to lengthen, I have  been getting out and about trying new things and retrying old things. With all this experimentation, I have learned a few things about myself.

I have learnt that the “me” from 10 years ago was a fool. If I knew then what I know now, I would be allot happier today. But by the same token, I am now also wise enough to know that in 10 years time, I would think that the “me” of today will be considered a fool by the “me” 10 years from now. I guess that this cycle will go on until I die or lose my mind to age and time.

I have learnt that revisiting my favourite things is good. This for me has been books, magazine articles, games and movies. Sure, the content may not change, but that isn’t the point. As life goes on, time and experiences have changed my perspectives on allot of things. This why my favourites are my favourites as I can always peel back more layers to what is going on in them. Perspective had also meant some of my former favourite things have dropped out as I can no longer relate to them as much as I used to. This is also good, as it shows that I have changed and grown from my time on this earth.

I have learnt not to be so scared of trying things or retrying things to see if you now enjoy them. In some ways this also ties in with experience and time changing my perspective on things. I recently went to a couple of poetry evenings and have really enjoyed them. This is despite the fact that, for a long time, I never really liked or much understood poetry. This is similar to small music performances by local bands or seeking out people to help teach me new skills.

I have learnt I am much more patient when trying to learn new things. In the past I have been guilty of trying to take as many shortcuts as possible. It was made worse when I realised that I could get away with these shortcuts, and I could just give up when I couldn’t. Now, I am much more persistent in completing works and giving things a fair shot. This may also be because I am much more focused on the things that I now want to learn. The result of this is I have learnt some skills that I used to think were beyond me due to lack of natural skill.

I have also learnt that things like meditation and writing are good for me and that I will continue to learn new things about myself. As the my days on this planet continue and my mistakes seem to stack up upon eachother, the ability to unwind and focus is becoming more and more valuable.

also doubt this will be the last one of these I will do.


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