"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin


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I am not sure whether I am enjoying the new season of Burn Notice. In this season, Michael is back working undercover with the CIA in order to take down a bigger bad. His team of Jessie, Sam and Fiona all started broken up but are now kind-of back together.

I am still enjoying their formula. In effect, it is the classic ‘problem- solution 1- complication to raise stakes- risky solution- resolution and advancement of overarching plot’. However, I feel like it has lost something. It almost feels like they should throw away the formula and be more adventurous with the story structure.

It also feels like they are getting rid of any adventurous elements they have. Jessie and Sam working independently is abandoned as they are joined back with Michael. Fiona’s new relationship is abandoned because of her baggage with Michael, and there past comes back to haunt them whenever they need a filler episode. The formula is starting to feel a little repetitive.

The low-tech savvy spycraft that used to hold this formula together has been abandoned. Most of the solutions now involve just blowing something up or having a sniper. The dialogue doesn’t feel quite as witty as in previous seasons to hold the pace of the show up.

And I guess that without the dialogue or spycraft being there, the show has started to feel a little too repetitive to me. The show feels like it needs a bit of a shake-up otherwise, for me, it is going to fall by the wayside of shows I don’t normally watch.



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