"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Television Backlog

Well, this is new.

I am sitting in an unfamiliar place with none of the friendly faces I have surrounded myself with close by. But now I have a chance to catch up on all the television that I have yet to watch. The hit list includes:

Archer (The Latest Season)- Definitely one of my favourite shows, although the new season hasn’t really grabbed me.

7.5 seasons of House- My attempt to marathon this show ended after 1.5 seasons so now I watch isolated seasons.

Grimm and Almost Human- 2 shows that I have only just started watching (a couple of episodes each) but have enjoyed so far. The question with each of these (in my opinion) is whether they can end satisfactorily before they jump the shark too much.

Mortal Kombat Konquest- A show so bad it should make me feel better.

All together, that is about 100 hours of television (more or less), so it should distract my too-active mind for a little bit at any rate.


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So this should be an interesting 10 days coming up. Over the course of the next 10 days, I have to pack my life away and sort out allot of loose ends as I prepare myself to move countries for a new job. Life does have a habit of throwing these curveballs out just when you think everything is sorted. For me, sorted involved having the job of my dreams, everyone I cared about being in good health, getting the girl of my dreams and moving to somewhere I felt like I belonged (while still being an hours drive from all my existing friends and family). As dreams go it was pretty good.

But pretty good wasn’t destined to last even if I forgot that all things end. Here, the end involved poor health, too many hours in hospitals, losing the girl and losing the job. I am still fortunate in my life and am still pretty well off despite what I have lost. However, the sense of belonging is once again gone as I am just reminded of how I managed to lose all these things. So now I am off, relocating overseas to see whether another fresh start can make me feel like I belong again.

I begin my new job in 10 days time. In that 10 days, there are allot of loose ends and people I will let down be necessity as I relocate. Tomorrow I will start packing and seeing how much of my life I actually need to start again. I have live a fortunate life and will continue to do so, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to relocate and continue the hunt for somewhere I belong. Because in the words of Fight Club, this is our lives and they are over one moment at a time.

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The Winter Soldier- Things I Would Like To See More Of

 I really enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, there were a few things that I felt they could’ve done a bit more with (some spoiler follow).

1. PTSD and Falcon/Black Widow- This was a theme brought up a couple of times, but then it felt like it was forgotten about. It would have been interesting to see Black Widow dealing with facing super-humans/aliens or Falcon’s PTSD a bit more. Instead it felt like one or two scenes and then it fell by the wayside.

2. The Winter Soldier- For most of the movie, he felt like a super-powered thug. And once it was revealed that he was Steve’s best childhood friend, not much was done with it. The only impact this revelation seemed to have is for a dramatic ending of Steve showing mercy and then nearly dying from it.

3. Captain America’s Evolution to a Spy- Captain America had to evolve to a new style of warfare, from straight-up war to a much more covert style. Although this was shown during the Avengers a bit, I would have liked to see a bit more of Captain coming to terms with this much less-direct style of warfare.

As I said, I really enjoyed Captain America and, much more than Thor or Iron-Man, I predict it will end up as one of my favourite movies of the year. It did pack allot of different themes into its runtime, so it was understandable that some themes were dropped. However, they still feel like missed opportunities a bit.