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Spiderman Version 2.1: The Elevator Scene

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I recently re-watched the original Spiderman movie trilogy (or what is commonly called the Raimi trilogy, now) after seeing all the hype for Amazing Spiderman 2. These movies have held up really well. The first 2 movies are still really well done and the third movie…. It was not that bad considering everything. Watching it straight after the first 2 highlights it’s flaws allot more (much like the Dark Knight Rises and X-men 3) but I was semi-prepared for it.

Rewatching Spiderman 2 on television, I actually saw the directors cut (version 2.1) as opposed to the original. There was one scene in it that struck me as wrong: The reworked elevator scene. In the original, Spiderman and a random guy make small-talk after Spiderman is forced to take an elevator. This ended when the guy tried to get out faster after following an awkward line from Spiderman about how his suit chafes.

In the rework, Spiderman has none of the awkwardness. Instead, the random guy tries to sell his advertising company as a PR firm for Spiderman and does an awkward rap, which makes Spiderman try to get out faster. This, for me, misses the point of the Peter Parker character in Spiderman. Peter Parker should be the guy who is awkward at conversation and is definitely not the coolest person in the room. This is another reason that the Amazing Spiderman doesn’t click with me, instead making Peter this super-awesome but misunderstood guy.

Being the most awkward guy in the room, Peter/Spiderman should be the one making the awkward comment when he has to engage in small talk with a virtual stranger. This is even more important because at this stage he doesn’t have his Spider-powers to fall back on. But they decided to rework this scene so Spiderman is the cool guy and the other guy becomes the awkward and embarrassing one. For me, this made the elevator scene turn from a bit of light hearted comedy into a scene that dragged too long and tried too hard while missing the major point of the characters up to that stage.

Why couldn’t they just leave the shorter but much better elevator scene untampered with


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