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Trailers That PLayed Prior to Godzilla

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 So allowing myself to absorb the Godzilla movie a bit, I have decided to write about the trailers that played prior to this movie.

 Trailer 1 Transformers: Age of Extinction

 This will probably be the dark-horse movie for me. With a reboot, this looks like it actually has the Transformers at the heroes and focus for their own movie after being abandoned by the military. And giant-robot-dinosaurs vs Optimus Prime can’t go wrong. Unfortunately, I think the answer will be allot, again. Once bitten, twice shy for Transformers, I feel. Definitely waiting for the reviews to see how it pans out. 

 Trailer 2 X-Men: Days of Future Past

 Everytime I get excited about this movie, I see a new trailer that convinces me that this will be an unfocused mess. From the first short trailer with the “I don’t want your future” part, the trailers have only gotten longer and more confusing. With what looks to be 30 characters, I think that the plot of this movie will leave allot to be desired. At the very least it shoud have some good set-pieces.

 Trailer 3 Maleficent

 Angelina Jolie stars as the wicked witch. Of course, she isn’t wicked but rather misunderstood as she tries to avenge a wrong done to her by the king by cursing the princess. Unfortunately, this seems to degenerate into nature vs man much like Noah or Avatar. I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised by this movie as it seems to have enough interesting elements to make it stand out from some of those previous movies. As long as they cast Jolie as a villain still, even if it is a tragic villain.

 Trailer 4 Edge of Tomorrow

 The trailer looked bad, as some sort of wartime version of groundhog day. However, as it went on it introduced newer elements. These included the re-try ability being stolen from the Aliens and the military knowing and taking advantage of this. The best scene is when Tom Cruise broke his leg during training and then the female commander deciding it was easier to kill him and taking advantage of his ‘respawn’ as opposed to continuing his training. Considering how disappointing Oblivion was, I have no doubt they will ruin all the potential that this has.

 So 4 major trailers. And the one I am motivated most for is Maleficent. Considering the competition, I am surprised that this is the case



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