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House- Halfway Through

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So I am now halfway through my goal to watch the whole of House. That is Season 4 of 8 completed (although it is probably more than halfway as the initial seasons were 22 episodes). I am taking a small break to start on some Game of Thrones (finally) and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it.

What I have liked about House so far is that they are always trying to push the characters into new and unfamiliar territory. So far, none of the episodes have repeated themselves in their quest to push the characters into new and challenging situations. Season 4 left on a cliffhanger  regarding Wilson being pushed into a new area which should affect how he treats the world as well as his interactions with House.

One thing that I don’t like is there reliance on some sort of underlying narrative involving conflict, as well as their case of the week. Whether this be a new hospital chairman, House’s relationship with his ex, or the policeman, I think that the show is strong enough without it. I prefer if they just focused on the case-of-the-week and the slow interactions and growth of the characters. Instead, we have this “villain” character who is around for a few episodes, then goes to be replaced with another “villain” a few weeks later.

And the interactions are what I most enjoy about House. Although sometimes it feels like 2-steps forward to 1-step back with the evolution of House and his team. I enjoy how they don’t always win and how sometimes a point-of-view they mocked previously might end up being right (such as Cameron’s interest in her patients). I do feel that some episodes oversimplify the characters too much (like making Chase a complete suck-up), but for the most part the characters work well.

So overall, halfway through, I am really enjoying House. I plan on giving it a break for a week and then continuing on. In the meantime, I am halfway through Game of Thrones Season 1 and that has also been quite good. 


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