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My New Reading Topic- Relationships

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 I have started a new goal. Before bed every night, I will replace my normal reading book with a book about relationships. This could be anything from How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work to How to Attract A Date. I have noticed that most of these books tend to be shorter than I am used to. Hopefully, by doing this, I get through about one book a week in addition to my normal reading.

 I am not quite sure why I feel a desire to do this reading. I think it is because I am subconsciously trying to compensate in the one area that I have always struggled with. Namely, my struggles have been how to develop and maintain relationships past that first couple of months. I don’t know if this will address my major problem (generally starting to lose interest a bit and shifting focus onto other things), but it couldn’t help.

 I also think I am approaching a stage in my reading where I try to read non-fiction books to try to learn. It has happened a couple of times before where for 6-12 months I will view fiction as a waste of time (which I know it is not, but can’t convince myself otherwise). Therefore, I will focus on reading up about random topics that grab my interest until my desire to make every book a learning experience fades and I fall back into my normal reading patterns. So  I guess the topic that interests me now are relationships, or maybe it is just filling the gaps in my knowledge.

 I will see how this goes. It is going to feel interesting next time I go out with a bunch of rules floating around in my head.


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