"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Arrow Season 2- First Impressions

So now I am 10 episodes into Season 2 of Arrow. In short, it is much better than Season 1. In all fairness, that wouldn’t be that hard. Season 1 of Arrow was a mess of themes as it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be and ended up being a poor man’s Batman.
Season 2 seems to be much more willing to embrace its comic-book origins. It has super powers, people actually nearly calling him Green Arrow occasionally, and more costumes and super-villain type enemies. Everything Arrow seemed to want to muck up it is slowly fixing, but what impresses me is that it is doing it without completely ignoring Season 1 in terms of loose ends and character development.
Arrow seems to be doing quite a successful job of juggling dark-and-gritty with campiness and it is working. Whether it keeps this up or not is a different story, but for now it is quite and enjoyable superhero show.


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Book Thoughts- Men, Women and Children by Chad Kroetger

This was a weird book to read. It almost felt like the author was against young people being able to do anything right due to the cultural forces at bay. In this book, you had
– teenage sex
– parents over-policing their children
– child semi-pornography
– eating disorders
– game addiction
– suicide
– well, you get the point.
After reading through this book, it makes you wonder how anyone manages to grow up without being a complete mess with the internet and all the modern day vices around (drugs, prostitution, etc.). Even those who seem to be coping are just being set up for a tragedy later on in their lives.
It almost reads like a deliberate attempt at scaremongering, with everything that could go bad going bad with the group of kids. It is not necessarily a bad book to read, even if it feels a bit surreal at time. At times it made me wonder if it was trying to be a satire of itself.

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My Current Web Comic Reading List

 I have recently renewed my love of web-comics as bite sized bits of information that I can consume between jobs. The following web-comics are the ones I am into at the moment:

 A Softer World- I got back into this after I received their Kickstarter, which I ordered mostly for the flask. It sets you up, to then subvert your expectations in the final panel or two.

 Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal- A long-running favourite that gives bite sized jokes or some social commentary. It is always entertaining.

 XKCD- Black and white stick figures. I can’t believe I gave this a chance but one of my favourites.

 Adventures of Dr McNinja- He is a doctor. And a ninja. And ninja’s can’t catch you when you are on fire. Very awesome and has an overriding story.

 Daily Dilbert- An oldie and a goodie. Very enjoyable following the lives of IT office workers, even if it is a bit of a mid-level manager fantasy.

 Penny Arcade- I am back into this ever since I went to PAX last year. Even if I don’t like the new layout and don’t get some jokes, it is still awesome.

 Ctrl-Alt-Del- I am back to liking this ever since they got rid of the story and went back to videogame skits. I particular like their recent (all too literal) console wars.