"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

My Current Web Comic Reading List

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 I have recently renewed my love of web-comics as bite sized bits of information that I can consume between jobs. The following web-comics are the ones I am into at the moment:

 A Softer World- I got back into this after I received their Kickstarter, which I ordered mostly for the flask. It sets you up, to then subvert your expectations in the final panel or two.

 Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal- A long-running favourite that gives bite sized jokes or some social commentary. It is always entertaining.

 XKCD- Black and white stick figures. I can’t believe I gave this a chance but one of my favourites.

 Adventures of Dr McNinja- He is a doctor. And a ninja. And ninja’s can’t catch you when you are on fire. Very awesome and has an overriding story.

 Daily Dilbert- An oldie and a goodie. Very enjoyable following the lives of IT office workers, even if it is a bit of a mid-level manager fantasy.

 Penny Arcade- I am back into this ever since I went to PAX last year. Even if I don’t like the new layout and don’t get some jokes, it is still awesome.

 Ctrl-Alt-Del- I am back to liking this ever since they got rid of the story and went back to videogame skits. I particular like their recent (all too literal) console wars.


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