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Arrow Season 2- First Impressions

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So now I am 10 episodes into Season 2 of Arrow. In short, it is much better than Season 1. In all fairness, that wouldn’t be that hard. Season 1 of Arrow was a mess of themes as it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be and ended up being a poor man’s Batman.
Season 2 seems to be much more willing to embrace its comic-book origins. It has super powers, people actually nearly calling him Green Arrow occasionally, and more costumes and super-villain type enemies. Everything Arrow seemed to want to muck up it is slowly fixing, but what impresses me is that it is doing it without completely ignoring Season 1 in terms of loose ends and character development.
Arrow seems to be doing quite a successful job of juggling dark-and-gritty with campiness and it is working. Whether it keeps this up or not is a different story, but for now it is quite and enjoyable superhero show.


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