"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

Songs I Currently Listen To

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So here is a list of the songs I am currently listening too on repeat when I have to choose a song:

Hooked on a Feeling (Blue Suede) and I’m Not In Love (10cc)- After Guardians of the Galaxy, I have the most of the album stuck in my head. However, it is these two songs that I often put on repeat. That mix of old-style pop and lyrics that resonate with me.

Don’t (Ed Sheeran)- I have always been a sucker for songs that change style. This goes from semi-rap to semi-dub step and lyrical in the chorus. After watching the music video, I now like this song even more.

Am I Wrong (Nico and Viz)- I like this song. Pretty uplifting and not a love song (except for that one line). A very party-type song.

All Rise (Blue) and I Just Want You To Know (Backstreet Boys)- I recently went back through old boy bands and relistened to some of my favorite songs from them. I like these 2 songs at the moment and they stand out for me. If you ask why, I don’t know. I guess it might be how they contrast between verse and chorus.

The Wire (Haim)- A very catchy song and a kind-of anti-love song. Especially after watching the videoclip for it. I like the sort-of country rock mixed with rap vibe to it and the instrumentals.

Bad Philosphy (Jeremy Redmore)- A very transient song. At the moment I like it only because a friend said that the main singer reminds them of me, acoustic guitar and all.

Budapest (George Ezra)- I like the very simple instruments and the way it slowly builds up. And the ‘do vi do’ part.


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