"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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I am now convinced that this is a giant conspiracy. I can go a whole week with absolutely nothing on outside of the ordinary (i.e. work). But then, out of the blue, 3 or 4 things come up that I want to go to or am invited to (and want to go to). The problem: They always happen at the same day and time. It is not even a week-end, but a weeknight that this is happening.

Whoever heard of Thursday night being the night when everything happens at the same time. This is just ridiculous. I have become convinced that, like the time-monks in Terry Pratchett’s Nightwatch book (who redistribute time to those who need it), there is a secret order of monks who do the same with social engagements. Unfortunately, they are not so benevolent and so decide to stick everything on the same night. Or maybe they are just teaching me a lesson about having to make choices in this life.

I prefer to stick to a race of cruel monks, thank you very much.