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Learning Guitar

So I have been slowly learning guitar for a little over 1 month now. It is probably the most major skill I have learnt for quite a bit. So far it is quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I can only really practice at lunchtimes every second day. This means I only practice about 3 hours a week.

In order to master something, it is said that you need 10,000 hours. So at 4 hours a week, it will only take me 49 years to master guitar. And judging by the fact that it is going quite slowly (it isn’t something I am particularly talented in naturally), I don’t think I am going to take any shortcuts. This isn’t totally a bad thing for learning.

Learning a totally new skill (a musical instrument in this case) has reminded me that the best skills are learnt slowly through consistency. This also gives a much greater sense of satisfaction when the skill/song is mastered. I can feel myself getting better, and songs and music that felt impossible a couple of weeks ago is getting easier. And as I learn new skills, picking up new music and songs is also getting easier.

I only hope that I get more of a chance to practice in the future and I can stay consistent. Practicing guitar is also quite useful for relaxing and refocusing myself at lunchtimes. It is definitely not something I want to give up anytime soon.