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Top 5 Best, Worst, Disappointing and Surprising Movies.

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So now that 2014 is done, it is time to see the top 6 best and worst movies that I saw this year (in no order). This year felt like it was a good movie year, but there was always the extremes to bring us back to earth. I have tried to avoid mentioning movies in more than 1 list, and have included the surprising and disappointing just to give a bit of variety (as Best and Worst seemed to write themselves). There are also movies I suspect would be here if I had seem them (Gone Girl, Divergent). So without further ado, here they are.

Best Movies:

Lego Movie- This movie is great. It has it’s own unique style and is awesome with an emotional punch at the end.
Captain America Winter Soldier- My favourite marvel movie so far featuring slick action and a great plot.
Raid 2- They took the first movie, somehow improved the action, and added in more story without making it worse.
How to Train Your Dragon 2- A near perfect sequel that only has one minor stumble.
Big Hero 6- In an animation heavy list, this stands out for just being fun but still having a good message.
John Wick- Keanu Reeves is back in a pure high-paced action movie that kicks butts and takes names.

Worst Movies:

Winters Tale- Literally a “what did I just watch” movie that is non-sensical.
Dracula Untold- Lets take a cool character and destroy him completely.
300 Rise of an Empire- The dissonances between the story, the action and the narrative make this movie a mess.
Transformers 4 Age of Extinction- One step forward with number 3, a massive leap backwards again.
Amazing Spiderman 2- I don’t think this movie had a point at all. Marginally better than the original, though.
Godzilla- A horrible movie that has about 5 minutes of Godzilla in it.

Disappointing Movies:

Sin City Dame to Kill For- For someone who loves the original, this movie completely misses the point.
Veronica Mars- As a fan of the original, this played out as more a plea for funding for a new series.
X-men Days of Future Past- Looked promising but a massive step back from First Class and X-men 2.
Hobbit Battle of Five Armies- This was the movie at which The Hobbit trilogy finally felt bloated.
Snowpiercer- All the pieces were there but just never grabbed me and I am not sure why. It just felt like a chore.
Hercules (with the Rock)- Generic action movie that removes all the fantastical elements of the myth.

Surprisingly Good Movies:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Didn’t completely suck and was mostly entertaining.
Robocop- Once again, didn’t completely suck, although whenever it tried to be deep it looked very stupid.
Expendables 3- It finally felt like what it was meant to be at times, an action hero Avengers movie.
Guardians of the Galaxy- I expected this movie to fall over under its lore, but it kept up the pace.
Lucy- Started with a stupid premise and then made it all work thanks to slick writing.
Maze Runner- Although the ending let it down, it was surprisingly solid until then.

So I wonder what movies I am looking forward to the most in 2015 that do not star Ultron.


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