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My Thoughts on Rude by Magic

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Rude by Magic is a song that I don’t like. And it is funny because the main reasons I don’t like it is because of the story that it tries to tell as opposed to the music or the beat. The musicality of the song is quite nice and catchy in the normal pop-song style with the bridge, the breakdown, chorus and semi-rap-singing, but the story is just so stupid.

Basically, the song is about a guy who goes to a girl’s father to ask for her hand in marriage. He does this because he knows the dad is old-fashioned. However, as opposed to this being a technicality, the dad says he doesn’t like him and he can’t have his daughter’s hand in marriage.

The singer than goes on to complain about how the dad’s answer doesn’t matter to him. Which, at this point I ask, why even bother asking or singing the song about it? Half the chorus is about how he is pleading with the father to give permission, the other half is about how he doesn’t care what the father says and thinks he is being impolite/rude for not saying yes. And then he threatens to runaway with the fathers daughter (and not see them again) if he doesn’t give the blessing.

And the music video makes it even stupider. When he tries to dress up respectively to impress this old-fashioned man in a suit and tie, he decides to wear a beanie and bring his friends along. He looks stupid. This song’s lyrics are stupid. Which is a shame because, unfortunately, this beat was actually one of the more interesting beats on the radio at the time it was a hit.


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