"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

Things I Like Doing When I Get Up In The Morning.

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The morning. A time when all your troubles from yesterday still haven’t gone away and all the effort and energy you thought you would have has not suddenly materialised. Here are my favourite things I like to do in the morning:

Light Exercise- I don’t like doing anything to heavy in the mornings. However, some light stretches and bodyweight exercises feel good. Going for a light run also feel good. The good things I like about doing this is that it doesn’t take much preparation and so doesn’t use too much of my willpower to convince myself to start moving. I normally alternate between running and light exercises in front of my computer so I can watch something interesting.

Reading- Before the day starts to take its toll, sitting down for 15-20 minutes and reading a good book is fun. It helps to prepare myself mentally for a day of stress that is sure to follow with something that engages my mind, my imagination and I can do at my own pace.

Guitar Practice- As reading and exercise, this helps gets the blood flowing and shakes the cobwebs out mentally and physically. I would normally do this for 15-20minutes on the days I don’t begin my day with any reading

Breakfast, maybe- Normally skipped but some days I have a nice breakfast. My definition of nice is now scrambled eggs and bacon. It beats nothing but is only done if I get up early enough. Otherwise, Green Tea and some Nuts can go a long way.


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