"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin


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Here are some random existential thoughts on how big we truly are in this universe.

Whenever I think of the universe and the vast size of it, it makes me feel very small. Even when just thinking of the number of people on the planet or in this city, it occurs to me that I will be lucky to meet even 1% of them. Even taking my family and all my ancestors throughout time, it is once again 1% (if that) that I will be alive at the same time as. Throughout the vastness of space and time, there is far more happening than I will ever be involved in or see. Far more has happened before I lived and will happen after I die than when I am alive.

Whenever I think of the people I loved and supported, it makes me feel very big. The love and admiration I have for people in my life and how much I effect their lives makes me feel very big. Sharing in their triumphs and sorrows and watching them grow into who they want to. There is great happiness and sadness as well, as sometimes life seems to crush them under its pressures, which are sometimes more than anyone should handle.

Which comes back to me feeling small. Sometimes the changes and support I offer against all that life imposes unfairly is like trying to hold back the tide. Sometimes even the things we feel we can affect are not really things we can influence to any great degree


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