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G.R.L.: From Ugly Heart to Lighthouse

I liked Ugly Heart. I feel that G.R.L. did a good, upbeat song about telling someone to get lost. It was a pleasant change (at the time) from the songs that felt like they were just pining (I believe Sam Smith and John Legend were in their prime at the time). Fun, upbeat songs were in their primacy.

The follow-up, Lighthouse, does away with most of that to join the ranks of the countless other slow ballads on the radio. The first song or two that were slow were good. When 90% of the new pop songs are slow ballads, it becomes quite tedious. Maybe their producer decided to jump G.R.L. on the bandwagon, but Lighthouse is a song I switched from without even listening to the end of it.

It is made even worse my being dedicated to someone. So now I have a song I don’t like, made worse because I really liked the bands first song, and I now feel bad about not liking it. Fantastic.


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Current Board Games

The following is a list of board games I am currently playing. I am now playing more 2-3 player games so trying out new games is fun:

– Pandemic: A few friends want to co-operatively save the world from annihilation. Very fun game and relatively simple to pick up so a new player or two is always involved. And as a co-operative game it caters for competitive and non-competitive players alike. It does help that there is no bossy-type player in the group.

– Star Realms: A simple one-on-one deck builder that is nice to transport around. I always like the balance of all-out attack vs building up an economy and weathering the storm. Glory to the Blogs.

– Seven Wonders: Each choice feels a bit more meaningful especially when you know other people will see the cards 2-3 times. Also being allot less inclined to play solitaire-style as someone has to foil opposing players strategies. The last couple of games were dominated by science so it will be interesting to see how this affects the meta-game.