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Current Board Games

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The following is a list of board games I am currently playing. I am now playing more 2-3 player games so trying out new games is fun:

– Pandemic: A few friends want to co-operatively save the world from annihilation. Very fun game and relatively simple to pick up so a new player or two is always involved. And as a co-operative game it caters for competitive and non-competitive players alike. It does help that there is no bossy-type player in the group.

– Star Realms: A simple one-on-one deck builder that is nice to transport around. I always like the balance of all-out attack vs building up an economy and weathering the storm. Glory to the Blogs.

– Seven Wonders: Each choice feels a bit more meaningful especially when you know other people will see the cards 2-3 times. Also being allot less inclined to play solitaire-style as someone has to foil opposing players strategies. The last couple of games were dominated by science so it will be interesting to see how this affects the meta-game.


One thought on “Current Board Games

  1. Love Pandemic. We haven’t been able to win yet though lol. Keep meaning to look at 7 wonders!

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