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My Thoughts Smash Run on Super Smash Brothers (3ds)

I really like the smash run for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (A game where Nintendo characters fight eachother). Sure, it has it’s problems, but for, it is overall a positive experience. I like how you can run through a level, slowly powering your character up. I love fighting a wide variety of enemies from videogames long past. I love the customisation options to take items to help clear out some of these enemies.

However, it is far from perfect. A couple of different maps would have been good. Also, the pay-off sometimes doesn’t feel worth it. I would like the option to choose not to have races but rather just battles after the game ends. Also, after 5 minutes of building my character, I would like at least a 3-4 minute brawl as opposed to the default 2 minute match. However, it says allot about how much I like it that I am willing to play it through for the 1 in every 3 times (average) that it comes together well (a compelling match at the end of a hard-fought dungeon crawl).