"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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So my first book back was a relatively light read. It was called Bring Me The Head Of Ryan Giggs. The book was about a bitter ex-player for Manchester United and who he blamed when his rise to stardom was tragically cut short.

As far as first books back go, it was quite entertaining. It was a light book which touched on some heavy themes (mainly the public’s pre-occupation with putting kids on pedestals and the mercenary nature of professional sport). It is done entirely from the ex-players point of view as we follow his struggles and hardships through his life.

So now that I have the book bug again, I am now reading a Victorian-error mystery about a girl who has died on the eve of her marriage (Luxe). Definitely a little bit of a heavier book than Bring me the Head of Ryan Giggs but none-the-less quite intriguing at the moment as they build up the world and the relations around it.


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Next Books I Want To Read

After a too long hiatus from reading, I was thinking about what would be the best type of book would be to get back into it. Originally I was thinking of a long book to really sink my teeth into. However, I think a shorter book or two would be better. This would be as much to train my mind to focus and read more rather than the instant, bite-sized gratification I have been having lately.

Next was the genre. I would like a fantasy book, but most of these seem to be world-building, potential-movie trilogies these days. I think a small biography or maybe management self-improvement type book would be better and more interesting. They also tend to be allot more manageable for a now more casual reader. Fantasy, however, does spark up my imagination allot more.

So in the end, I think the first choice is a short-ish, single book fantasy. If I can’t find that, maybe a relatively short biography on someone I am interested in or a management-type book would be better. It has been too long since I let my mind wander reading a book.