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Board Games and Computer Games

Both computer games and board games have good things to offer. I guess the main thing is what sort of experience you are after at the time.

Board games are great to get to meet a bunch of people physically. Also, due to set-up time and actual physical components, I always found it easier to get invested in a board game where quitting is harder. And once you have a board game, you can normally play it at any time at a moments notice.

Computer games are fun to play if you are more a solitary gamer. They are also much easier to organise, often not requiring specific nights or geographic proximity to play multiplayer with friends.¬†Extra variety is also great, with mod’s for games and custom maps often giving games new life after they have been around for awhile. And if you don’t like a game, you can switch at a moments notice.

So which one wins for me. If I have a choice, I normally go for board games. However, due to the convenience of computer games, I often play more computer games (as I don’t tend to have a choice due to availability and timeframes). Also, if I feel like trying something new, computer games make it much easier (from both a convenience and financial perspective).


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Game Themes and Lords of Waterdeep

I was recently playing the Lords of Waterdeep board game and just couldn’t find myself getting into it. I am normally big into game themes and realised that the main problem is I didn’t feel like a Lord of Waterdeep. It just felt like I was pushing cubes around instead of directing what the cubes are meant to represent- Adventurers. Also, for controlling adventurers, their is very little conflict or attacking (outside the euro-game thing of blocking actions). I would have really been more into this game if they used meeples or shaped tokens as opposed to different colours of cube for wizards, fighters, etc. Giving ¬†the option to attack other players would have also helped. As it stands, I don’t think the mechanics or the game is strong enough and the theme not really good enough to make it a must-play for me.