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New Songs in My Playlist

Here is a collection of some of the new songs that have made it into my playlist over the last couple of weeks:

1. Hello: Adelle’s latest song is a song I doubt I would’ve have liked from most other artists. However, this song has such a powerful contrast I can’t help but like it.

2. Downtown: Macklemore’s latest song reminds me of Thrift Shop. A good song, but reliant too much on a comedy gimmick. I like it, but I hope he follows up with another song akin to Can’t Hold Us Down which is a bit more timeless. The music video is great for this.

3. Cake by the Ocean: A song that has a nice build to a chorus. It seems to mesh several different type of pop-song together from the lyrics to the bridge to the chorus, but makes it work (barely, though). The first time I heard of DNCE though.

4. Sugar: A song I liked got remade (sort-of). I still like it and think the new version is distinct enough from the old version. Robin Schulz added a nice poppy beat to an otherwise forgettable song.

5. Lay It All On Me: Rudimental made Ed Sheeran sound nothing like Ed Sheeran. The result is quite a party beat for a love song that once again makes it much less boring.