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New Clash of Clans Update- Quick Thoughts

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So the new Clash of Clans update is here. And it seems to be primarily for high-level players and seems to be a bad thing for the way I am playing the game as I build myself up.

With the introduction of Town Hall 11 and the Grand Warden Hero and Eagle Defense, it makes powering to this level all the more attractive. They have removed ways to keep your resources safe (exposed Town Halls) to try and encourage more raiding, and now your win bonus is tied to your bonus. Although the 100% war win bonus has gone up, now I have to deploy more of my army to get the war win and will not get as high a war win bonus.

So more troops means more wait between training my army. Attacking through a shield is a good thing, so offsets this a bit. At least Supercell tried to shake up some of the Clash of Clans formula, but it is once again aimed at Gemmers (unsurprisingly). It will be awhile before I notice more than having Town Hall 11 players constantly 3-star me.


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