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7 Wonders- Over-rated?

I recently watched the Dice Tower list of over-rated games, and 1 game that kept showing up was 7 Wonders. They seemed to focus on the game being about card-drafting and how more card drafting games have come up. However, I feel this ignores the biggest strengths of 7 Wonders.

In effect, the card drafting is a way to keep the play time down (with simultaneous play) in order to effect the civilisation building. And this is  civilisation building, particularly around the escalation between ages (Age 3 cards score more points than Age 1, but Age 1 are the foundation cards). Games like Fairy Tales and Between 2 Cities use a similar card drafting but without this escalation, they tend to feel quite dry quite quickly (despite playing quickly).

Other games could learn how they can use a mechanic like card drafting to keep play-time down while still providing a full civilisation game. This includes things like tech-trees, game escalation. Instead, allot of drafting games I play tend to be doing the same things from beginning to end. In conclusion, I don’t think 7 Wonders is over-rated but is really good and appealing for what it does, appealing as a gateway game and a heavier game (especially with some of the expansions).


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Movies: 2015-2016.

Well 2015 was certainly an interesting time for movies. In allot of ways, some of the big blockbuster franchises had to prove that they still had it. For Marvel, this was in the same year that had arguably their weakest movie (Avengers: Age of Ultron). So what is there to look forward to in 2016.

The answer is allot of sequels/movie continuations. We have 2 movies where we mainly get hero vs hero (Civil War and Dawn of Justice) that are both shaping up as… well, something. The Civil War trailer is awesome, the Superman trailer looks like it is just as much of a mess as Man of Steel (Mama Kent telling Clark to not save anyone).

Beyond this, there is a bunch of other superhero movies coming out that are all slightly different genres. Deadpool looks like it will be a gag that runs far too long after 10 minutes and Age of Apocalypse looks like another step backwards since First Class (and the much more messy but still passable Days of Future Past).  Doctor Strange is unknown at the moment, but it may be an interesting divergence from the Avengers. My predictions is Strange will be fighting for an infinity gem.

Despite this, I hope all the above movies are good. The super-hero movies are all different themes (and genres as well, I think, from spy-style fugitive type movies to big hero actions bashes and comedy) that I don’t think burnout will happen soon. Beyond superheroes, Zoolander 2 I remain cautious about.

Two movies I feel much more unreservedly excited about are Jungle Book and Nice Guys. Nice Guys looks awesome, full stop. Jungle Book will either be awesome or it will fail spectacularly (in my opinion). I don’t think there is much of a middle ground for it.

Two movies I feel decidedly unexcited about are Kung Fu Panda 3 and Star Trek. Star Trek lost me at Into Darkness, perhaps for awhile again now that Star Wars looks like it has proven it knows what made the original trilogy great (mostly by just ripping off allot of elements but with subtle spins on them that will probably pay out more later on). Kung Fu Panda 3 looks like some funny gags and should be entertaining but not nearly to the level of Kung Fu Panda 1.

Those are my thoughts on the 2016 movies that are coming out. This has been just off the top of my head so I am sure I have missed a bunch of more obscure movies that I would be excited about. Now time to do 100 top 10 lists before they become irrelevant.