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7 Wonders- Over-rated?

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I recently watched the Dice Tower list of over-rated games, and 1 game that kept showing up was 7 Wonders. They seemed to focus on the game being about card-drafting and how more card drafting games have come up. However, I feel this ignores the biggest strengths of 7 Wonders.

In effect, the card drafting is a way to keep the play time down (with simultaneous play) in order to effect the civilisation building. And this is  civilisation building, particularly around the escalation between ages (Age 3 cards score more points than Age 1, but Age 1 are the foundation cards). Games like Fairy Tales and Between 2 Cities use a similar card drafting but without this escalation, they tend to feel quite dry quite quickly (despite playing quickly).

Other games could learn how they can use a mechanic like card drafting to keep play-time down while still providing a full civilisation game. This includes things like tech-trees, game escalation. Instead, allot of drafting games I play tend to be doing the same things from beginning to end. In conclusion, I don’t think 7 Wonders is over-rated but is really good and appealing for what it does, appealing as a gateway game and a heavier game (especially with some of the expansions).


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