"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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This book (All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kauffman) starts off interesting enough. There are superheroes everywhere with different powers. Some are Perfectionists, some are Hypnotists, some can breathe underwater, some are simply always nervous. Some powers seem useful, some not. There are no supervillains per se.

However, one hero makes the girl he has a crush on believe her husband is invisible (by hypnotising). Oh, and he used to date her after he hypnotised her to essentially rape her for 3 months. But somehow he is still not a villain. And the book tries to play this off as “well, the Perfectionist had the best sex of her life with Hypno which is what he hypnotised her to believe, so it is okay.” But no-one steps up to challenge this demented Deus-Ex character just to advance the plot more.

Overall, though (if you ignore this bit of writing stupidity), the book is humorous with its unique view of superhero powers. It is also short. But they are big things to overlook, so ultimately a big thumbs down.



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Reskinning Games: A Bad Thing?

Lately I have noticed a trend of being against applying a new skin or theme to an existing game. This is for board games and video games, but I personally never really saw a problem. I think it is actually a good idea, providing you don’t try to charge full retail price again.

It allows people to tell new stories or apply a new theme without going through the whole development process again. It also allows people to add some new minor rules to better reflect the new theme or to fix some problems from the original game and incorporate feedback. The new stories is probably more applicable for video games and the re-theming for board games.

These advantages let games skip a big part of the development cycle. It is also lets them explore new ideas with a more adventurous note than simply a second edition or HD re-mastering. That being said, I can definitely see how it can be an excuse for lazy design or a cash grab.