"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin


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Well, that was an interesting State of Origin last night. Some people will begrudge the game for being slow, but the most annoying factor for me was the commentary. The NSW-centric commentary was the most grating thing ever.

Seriously, clear knock-ons that have been overruled or clear no-tries adjudicated from the Bunker are called into question (The ball clearly bounced off the NSW players head but not even acknowledged when it was overruled). This is not even mentioning that it was always ‘us needing to score’, etc.

Of course, the clear shepherds and NSW dirty plays (grapple tackles, running 20m across to shoulder kick-chases away, attacking the legs of a jumping player) are clearly just left alone and not even questioned.

Please just give a more balanced commentary or get rid of the NSW stalwarts. Although a fan, last  night clearly made me want to say “Shut-Up Gus”… as well as most the rest of the commentary.


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