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So Queensland took out the State of Origin series for 10 out of the last 11 years. Queensland are a great side but 10 years ago, who would’ve thought Smith, Cronk, Thurston, etc. would be so good. These days, people go on about this champion Queensland team neglecting how they were moulded.

New South Wales, for the most part, were their own worst enemies. After having conditions match them, they still lost Game One. Then, for some reason, they continue to show loyalty to allot of players that have lost them so many series now. People like Gallen, Farah, Bird, etc. seem to always put in a good effort but they continue to lose, The solution- keep picking them of course. Why not pick Tedesco (your Game One choice before injury) after the replacement was part of a losing team?

This makes Game Three sort of interesting. Will the Queenslanders make it a white wash to put an exclamation point on their dominance during the twilight years of their spine (Slater, Smith, Thurston)? Will the Blues continue to show undeserved loyalty to the players who continue to bring an Origin losing culture to their team? Or will just no-one care?


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