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Survivor Series: What Happened?

What happened at Survivor Series? This pay-per-view will surely go down as exceptionally bad for allot of reasons. The obvious one is the Goldberg-Lesnar squash match at the end of the night.

Here you have someone built up as a monster for the last couple of years only to be squashed by a part-timer with zero-offense. It almost feels like they were punishing Lesnar for something. If you wanted that, just book Rusev in. I mean, he was buried by Goldberg on television. Just save it for the main event and have Rusev blindside Goldberg on his return for the set-up. But lets not let that overshadow the rest of the out-of-touch booking.

Nia Jax, someone who has been building as a monster, ends up tapping out. In the middle of the ring. Which makes total sense. Have your monster tap clean after being bested with absolutely no build.

Then we had Shane-o-Mac. He was shown  getting the better of two of the top wrestlers and championship contenders. An old, greying, non-wrestler who inserted himself into the match the McMahon ego. And then he books himself so prominently and dominantly, keeping all the crowd-pleasing spots to himself.

In the preshow, we had Kane beat Luke Harper, because we like looking after the future. The Miz beating Zayn was at least the right call, but the cruiserweights stay on Raw and are wasted with no story. I mean, with 3 plodding hours of television to fill you give 2 guys of a whole division exactly one story. Just to have more time with authority figures.

People may call this good as a throwback to Goldberg dominating or even that it was unpredictable. But at the end of the day, this was perhaps worse than Boo-tista’s rumble win. Unfortunately, there are not going to be #cancelwwenetworks.