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Board Game Movements

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 Well, 2017 has seen some movement in the games collection. Some unplayed/unenjoyed games have been traded off (CO2, Swarm, Dice Masters, B.Sieged, Endure the Stars). However, it is nearly a 1:1 trade with what has also come in. Here is a quick summary of the added games:

Kickstarter: Kickstarter delivered on Mistfall Heart of the Mists Expansion and Perditions Mouth: Abyssal Rift. These games are games I am looking forward to trying out, although travel commitments means it may not be for awhile.

Trade: Trade saw Warhammer Invasion, ZPocalypse, Ravens of Sri Sihari, Dust Strategy Game and Ginkgopolis come in. These are all games I wanted to try (and Ginkgopolis was a bit of a grail game for me), so really looking forward to trying these out.

Retail: Retail was mostly games that were to fill gaps in my collection. Cry Havoc and Clash of Giants are some good war games, Doom and TMNT: Shadows of the Past are 1 vs all games, and Ultimate Warriorz and Ethnos just looked cool.

So, with nearly half the year done, the collection saw some cycling happen. There are still games on the to-sell list (New Zealand is a small market), but the collection is looking good.


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