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PAX Aus 2017 Highlights

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So another year and another PAX Aus has gone. Here are some of my thoughts from it compared to previous years. For context I went to the first PAX Aus and have only missed one year as it clashed with a wedding.

Crowds- the crowds were incredibly big. Every booth and display had crowds in it. It was nearly impossible to find any space in the tabletop area or freeplay areas.

Food- the food in the venue was incredibly expensive. And it was horribly (even by event standards). It was $12 for a chicken burger which was just a bread roll and a peice of schnitzel.

Big Companies- Big displays seem to have the lion share of the display. Indie games and freeplay areas seem to have been squashed down for AAA releases, which only added to the crowd problem.

Panels- Welll SJW panels were in full display here.  I don’t mind a panel about women in gaming or the like, but when half  the panels were about these topics I just skipped them.

People- the people were awesome.  Some enforcers (volunteers) should never be given roles again (a bit power mad), but most of them were awesome and helpful. Definitely the people continue to be a saving grace.

So that was another PAX. It was not overly impressive this year so I may actually choose to miss it next year.


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