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Board Games on the Too Play List

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The following games are games that I hope to get to the table over the next week:

7th Continent- I have a game of this scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully we have a win. 

Scythe- I am scheduled to have a 7 player game of this soon. I have never played this above 5 so am concerned about game time. 

Photosynthesis- A game that I wasn’t interested in until I saw the trees and table prescense. I haven’t played this yet but am looking forward to it. 

Elysium- a simple bidding type game with a push-pull between points and abilities. Once again, only played with 2 so super keen to try with more. 

Ethnos- Haven’t played this for awhile. A bit of a coin flip between this and Royals so will see what happens. 

Other games I want to try but unlikely to get out- TMNT shadows of the past, Lords of Xidit, Assault of Giants, Tyrants of the Underdark, Aliend Artifacts. 


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