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2018 10×10 Challenge (Board Games)

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I have decided to make an official 10×10 challenge for 2018 board games with 10×10. This is 10 games I want to play 10 times over the course of the year. This is to hopefully get a bit more depth into the games I really like.

Games I have already played >10 times won’t count. This means Scythe, Mansions of Madness, 7 Wonders, Star Realms, Codenames, Stone Age and Kingdom Death Monster are games that are out (amongst others). My limiting factor are games that I have played a maximum of 3 times.

I also plan on updating my music list and detailing the songs that have made it in (at least temporarily) and perhaps some more thoughts on food. When some more interesting things hit Kickstarter I may look into a few more projects.



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