"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Here are some recent songs that I have added onto my playlist:

All of the Lights (Kayne West)- I generally like duets and I like the powerful beat on this one. I also love the part where he just starts listing off different types of lights, although it has nothing to do with anything.

Green Light (Lorde)- I remember this song being everywhere and I really liked it. THen I kind-of forgot about it. Now it is definitely on my list and benefits greatly from the hiatus.

Whatever it Takes (Imagine Dragons)- They added some rap verses to there main songs. Although the lyrics are a bit preachy, it still is a song that hits the right notes for me.

Dusk Til Dawn (Zayn and Sia)- Sia adds just enough flavor to Zayn to make it feel much better than his normal songs. Otherwise this feels like just another love song, except when it jumps between genres (pop-opera, soprano, etc.) in the chorus’.

I Want You Back (Jackson 5)- An oldie but a goodie. I think this is the only song of the Jackson 5 that I like. A catchy tune with some good vocals means this comes back onto my list.


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Favorite Foods: Dumplings

Here are a few reasons why dumplings are one of my favorite foods:

Variety: Dumplings come in allot of variety. Different fillings as well as different types of cooking give different tastes. Not to mention the addition of sauces.

Cheese: Most dumplings are only made better with some melted cheese, either in them or on top of them.

Mashed in a Skin: The filling all blends together in a nice mash-up of different flavors. It is kind of like a taste explosion after you get through the skin.

Portability: Unused dumplings can easily be taken with you as leftovers. The caveat here is that they lose some taste being reheated.

Cooked, Not Premade: Most good dumplings are made and cooked (to some degree). This makes them nice and not having allot of preservatives.

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Anticipated Board Games (2018)

To round out the 2018 list-a-thon, here are some of the games that I am anticipating in 2018:

Mythic Battles: Pantheon- Technically this is cheating as it arrived a few days ago and looks great. There are a bunch of different play-modes from skirmish to co-operative one-vs-all type scenarios.

Founders of Gloomhaven- Based sorely on Gloomhaven, I am hoping a more straightforward euro-type game with a story will highlight a few less weaknesses of the system.

The City of Kings- This looks like Gloomhaven, but based more on a Total War style formula as opposed to Diablo-esque campaign. Sign me up (and it is another big box, sigh).

Sine Tempore- I didn’t end up backing this, but it looks cool (taking the time action system from Dragon and Flagon and adding in a co-operative scenario-based game around it.

Clash of Rage- Similar to Sine Tempore, I really love the customising of your units in a war game. I didn’t back it but am hoping it is good (and I have so many wargames I don’t play already).

Swords and Sorcery Expansions- Probably my favorite pure dungeon crawl at the moment, this should add more variety and different missions.

Scythe: Rise of Fenris- Well, of course. There are also other expansions (Millenium Blades, etc.) that should be good.

Empyreal: Spells and Steam- This has me with the theme alone (magic railroads). Level 99 has never left me down.

Too Many Bones- The Kickstarter should be coming along with the Undertow expansion. Really looking forward to this one. Similar to Roll Player as well.

Rise of Tribes- This game looks really pretty and has some neat dice-play. It has also piqued the interest of my partner so should be easy to get to the table.

Cavern Tavern/Rise of Nobility- Arriving as a Kickstarter package, these look really good ameri-thrash euro games.

Hand of Fate Ordeals/Smiths of Winterforge- More for the company (Rule and Make) than the actual games, these are the first big-box type games I am getting from them. I think Smiths will be fine but Hands of Fate looks a bit concerning.

The Kings Guild- A Kickstarter that I grabbed an early bird and then forgot to look into it too much more, I am curious about this game and think it may be fortune that I kept it (as I was going to probably cancel it with the plethora of Kickstarters).

So they are the games I am looking forward to the most. I have noticed allot of them are Kickstarters. This is because they seem to care about hyping and promoting games allot more than publishers (probably because they rely on hype allot). There are some other games I am anticipating but I don’t have much hope of them actually releasing in 2018.

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10×10 Board Game Challenge

So this year I have decided to do a 10×10 board game challenge. I set the rules for myself that the game has to have been played 3 or less times and it is at least 30 minutes in length. I also thought it felt like cheating if I put games on that I know I will play 10 times (Gloomhaven, Kingdom Death Monster, etc.) as I think this list should encourage me to play games that I have struggled to get to the table.

The games I have decided to put on the list are as follows:

  1. Vikings Gone Wild- A deckbuilder that mixes a fixed market with a sliding market as well as including attacking that is only beneficial for you (unless your opponent also hoards resources). It is also has a solo-able mode which should make it easy to play if it doesn’t get to the table.
  2. Order of the Gilded Compass- It is like if Las Vegas got some worker-placement mechanics. Only played this once but really enjoyed it. Have also taken it to game nights constantly but never makes it to the table, so it might be tough.
  3. Vengeance- A new game about a revenge-flick that is dice drafting and tactical movement. It also has a solo variant which is meant to be quite good.
  4. Flatline! A Fuse Aftershock Game- A timed dice allocation game. I played this once at the end of 2017 solo and it was really fun (although it just makes the 30 minute time allocation). I am hoping it is a hit at games nights.
  5. Asking for Trobils- Another game that I have yet to play a full game at and seems to have trouble getting out at game nights. It has recieved high accolades and it is easy to understand so it should be easy to push.
  6. Seasons- One of my grail games that I finally got. Now I just have to relearn the rules and get it to the table.
  7. Islebound- A Red Raven game that seems simple. Picked it up at a good price but never had a chance to play it. It has also recieved high accolades.
  8. Mistfall- A game I plan on playing mostly solo, especially with the expansions (as they change the game allot). I really like the hand management aspect but it is always so long between plays I always have to relearn the rules.
  9. Cry Havoc- A game that just fit in to my play limit. I am also getting the expansion soon so am looking forward to some of the changed. Narrowly beat out Kemet and Cyclades for this spot.
  10. Millenium Blades (for now)- It narrowly beat out Exodus as I already have a NSKN game on it. The expansion is solo-able, which helps. This may be beaten out by some incoming Kickstarters, though (Kitchen Rush, Legendary Creatures, Empires of the Void 2). However, it is also more unique than any of those games. And knowing Kickstarters, they may come late enough to be for next years list.