"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

Favorite Foods: Dumplings

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Here are a few reasons why dumplings are one of my favorite foods:

Variety: Dumplings come in allot of variety. Different fillings as well as different types of cooking give different tastes. Not to mention the addition of sauces.

Cheese: Most dumplings are only made better with some melted cheese, either in them or on top of them.

Mashed in a Skin: The filling all blends together in a nice mash-up of different flavors. It is kind of like a taste explosion after you get through the skin.

Portability: Unused dumplings can easily be taken with you as leftovers. The caveat here is that they lose some taste being reheated.

Cooked, Not Premade: Most good dumplings are made and cooked (to some degree). This makes them nice and not having allot of preservatives.


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