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Pokemon: XY Thoughts

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So I have been binge-watching a fair bit of Pokemon: XY lately. This has been a combination of me getting back into the game and trying to see what is happening with the Pokemon series. All in all, it was not impressive.

The thing that stood out most for me is how much the battles have fallen. It seems like it is so easy to command a Pokemon to “dodge” incoming attacks that it reduces allot of the tension in the show. It also makes Pokemon battles a chore to sit through, as rather than smart tactics you just having people yelling dodge several times an episode.

I also feel that they should let Ash go as a main character. After all his battle experiences and things he has achieved, it is hard to believe that random people can challenge him anymore. Not only that, but people who have only trained hard for a month or so.

The final bad point is that is a feel good show now. People don’t lose or take losses seriously. People may train for a bit and then they will be the equal of a gym leader or Ash. Team Rocket is the same: they do some really bad things and nearly kill allot of people but they just blast off and take no consequences. And it is grating to see them show up and interrupt the story.

All in all, it feels like the Pokemon series needs a bit of an overhaul. Not so much the concept, but maybe a new character, less Team Rocket, and more interesting points. But hey, at least it isn’t dark and gritty.


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