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Kickstarter Retrospective: Orcs Must Die and Boss Monster

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So next on the list are two games with a distinct video game theme.

ORCS MUST DIE by PETERSON GAMES: So Cthulhu Wars is one of my favorite games of all time. Orcs Must Die is a game I really enjoy. Thought this would be a home run. Instead, it takes the worst of the Zombicide randomness but leaves behind all the little things Zombicide does right (tiered levelling, etc.) to give a game that is pretty random. Sold.

BOSS MONSTER by BROTHERWISE GAMES: Another game where it had video game routes. I really thought it looked good. However, it also felt very swingy with player elimination. The game was too punishing to account for the swinginess and, once again, I felt like the game was playing me. The theme kept it around for quite a few plays but eventually, it was sold.

So they are two games where the publishers and thems got me excited. In hindsight, I should’ve just left them alone.


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