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Kickstarter Quick Thoughts: 21st October 2018

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Well, a big month of Kickstarter has come and is going on. Maybe next time I can talk about some of these big projects near the end of their funding period.

BATTLECON UNLEASHED by LEVEL 99 GAMES: A big box including tiers for all the previous stuff. Normally I would’ve been really excited. However, now, it looks like playing it online might be the better option. I am still tossing up whether to get Devastation 1.5 though. Still on the fence but need to decide soon.

SPACE EXPLORERS by CHAD ELKINS: I don’t know what it is about this game. It looks like they decided to take Splendor, tried a next step with it by giving the cards special powers as well as discounts similar to Master of Orion, then decided to twist around the gem system. Well, I am intrigued and I love the theme. Backed.

DRAGON BOATS OF THE FOUR SEAS by MAPLE GAMES: This looks like an interesting little game along the lines of an Imhotep or similar. Maybe last year I would’ve jumped on this. However, I have so many of this weight of game now that it makes it harder to stand out. If I hadn’t just got Century: Eastern Wonders, I would’ve still got this to try. Now, it doesn’t do enough unique for me Unfortunately, a regretful pass.

MEZO (RELAUNCH) by KOLOSSAL GAMES: This game looks really good. However, it is expensive for what it is and the standee version unfortunately uses cubes for soldiers. So either a giant un-necessary miniature version or a boring-looking cube version. I will wait and see at retail as I don’t see the value for the price or what makes it unique to get me excited for it being on Kickstarter. Pass.

ANCIENT TERRIBLE THINGS: AWAKETEN by PLEASANT COMPANY GAMES: This game just looks nice and had gotten good reviews when it came out. I could never find it, but now it is on Kickstarter. A bit pricey but backed.

RISE TO NOBILITY: BEYOND by FINAL FRONTIER GAMES: I remember playing the first version and how unimpressed I was. It looked really nice, but it felt far too scripted and that you could easily cut about an hour of the game off. Then they came out with shorter rules doing exactly what I thought should be done after one play, which makes it seem that it lacked testing. Overall, the game just wasn’t compelling. Pass.



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