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Kickstarter Retrospective: Assault on Doomrock and B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss

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So now onto two more games from my Kickstarter retrospective that were memorable for very different reasons.

ASSAULT ON DOOMROCK DOOMPOCALYPSE by BD GAMES: So this game is an interesting game. It is a tactical positioning game lacking a board. Instead, everything is abstracted into group with tokens representing what group you are in and your enemies. I find this game very interesting, although I haven’t played with the expansion as I find the rules confusing (unfortunately). This is a unique game that is very compact but packs allot more into the game than it first seems. It is a bit dusty now but I do want to get it out some more. The dice mitigation and teamwork is a bit lacking but a small houserule of being allowed to trade 1 dice with a friend in the same group solves this. Kept.

B-SIEGED: SONS OF THE ABYSS by CMON LIMITED: This is the first big box game that I backed that got delivered. I played it three times only. From a rulebook missing a critical rule to a game pretty much being a luck-fest, this game was very disappointing. This and my one unimpressed play of a friends Unfair put me off CMon for awhile. Not only that, but when a couple of bad reviews for the game came out, I couldn’t even sell it as it was on deep discount everywhere. I ended up math trading it away for a DnD Adventure Game for a pretty big loss. Traded away.


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