"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

Game Quick Thoughts

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So I just thought I would give some quick thoughts on games I have played or looked at recently:

Paper Tales: I just tried this solo. It captures the feeling of a draft even though you are solo and the Lich King is a tricky opponent. It also plays pretty quick and is easy to set-up.

Steamrollers: Well the instruction manual leaves allot to be desired about how to explain the game. But I was able to puzzle most things out eventually and it seems like it could be an interesting game.

Coin and Crown: A very slick tableau-building game that feels like it goes slightly too short. It is unfortunate because one of the unique features (the bag-building) just doesn’t satisfactorily come to fruition over only 5 rounds.

Brass Birmingham: Takes a collective city-building game and makes it so much better. Might as well fire Founders of Gloomhaven at this stage, I’m guessing.


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