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Why I Love: 7th Continent

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7th Continent was probably the most ambitious game I backed on Kickstarter. A first time creator promising such a huge game would have been enough to make me skip it. However, Rhado came to my rescue by making me look twice at this game. And then making me go all in.

I do love this game. This game is all about exploration and stories. But it doesn’t feel like they have shoehorned them in. The mechanisms of the game compliment the feeling of pushing your luck, trying to do more and more with less and less just so you have a chance of getting through the adventure in one piece.

The game is ambitious. It also wears its ambition on its sleeve. This is a game that you need to be prepared to go for the long haul, resting, hunting and surviving as you try to decipher some nearly inadequate clues to reach the end. And at any moment, a giant rockworm or cyclone may force you to completely change where you were planning on going.

This isn’t a perfect game, though. Sometimes the clues or pathway feel a bit arbitrary, as you are blindly trying to stumble on a clue. Also, the card quality could’ve been a slight bit better as the cards are used constantly and are prone to showing wear and tear.

I love this game and it is my favorite exploration game and my favorite game that can tell immersive stories. After they have completed fulfilment of the next Kickstarter, I am eager to learn what else the designers have in store.


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