"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Marvel Cinematic Universe- Some Thoughts

I was thinking about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the Hydra was part of Shield, revealed in Winter Soldier

For me, this was a cool twist. It also fixed one of the problems of the previous movies. For example, in The Avengers, why did Shield not want the Avengers team put together. And even when they did, why did they go for nuking New York.

I mean, it still made a couple of problems. But thinking about how there first (not last) resort was to nuke all their heroes as soon as they were together foreshadows that maybe they aren’t that good.


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NRL Finals Week One

So after the first week of the NRL finals, I have been following them closely. I thought it was a relatively exciting first week of the finals. Most the games were close, and those that weren’t were exciting for being upsets.

I guess seeing the Warriors and Broncos get eliminated was exciting. The Panthers and Dragons were written off and they put in the two most dominant wins of the week. In all fairness, these were more Broncos and Warriors playing very badly but the competition is nothing if not momentum driven.

It was good not to hear about referee errors constantly. There was still there fair share of poor decisions, but it was good not hear constantly about really poor calls. I guess this will change when teams get knocked out after losing close games. Because the NRL players can’t help themselves.

I guess I am looking forward to the next week and see what happens.

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Board Game First Impressions: Rise of Tribes and My Little Scythe

So I just wanted to share a couple of first impressions for a couple of new games that have come in:

Rise of Tribes- Only played it at two player. It plays very quickly. The goals and event cards feel quite swingy but I enjoy how fast it plays. Curious to see if multiple plays allow multiple strategies.

My Little Scythe- I was concerned that it would feel like dumbed down Scythe. Instead it manages to feel like its own unique game using the Scythe engine. It is now a pure race game. My only concern is the game start feels scripted but I think it is a home run for a faster playing war game.

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Kickstarter Retrospective: Orcs Must Die and Boss Monster

So next on the list are two games with a distinct video game theme.

ORCS MUST DIE by PETERSON GAMES: So Cthulhu Wars is one of my favorite games of all time. Orcs Must Die is a game I really enjoy. Thought this would be a home run. Instead, it takes the worst of the Zombicide randomness but leaves behind all the little things Zombicide does right (tiered levelling, etc.) to give a game that is pretty random. Sold.

BOSS MONSTER by BROTHERWISE GAMES: Another game where it had video game routes. I really thought it looked good. However, it also felt very swingy with player elimination. The game was too punishing to account for the swinginess and, once again, I felt like the game was playing me. The theme kept it around for quite a few plays but eventually, it was sold.

So they are two games where the publishers and thems got me excited. In hindsight, I should’ve just left them alone.

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So here are the latest songs that I have added to the playlist.

CAPSIZE by FRENSHIP and EMILY WARREN: I just really like the chorus to this song.  The repetition in the song makes the song really stick in the head.

LET ME GO by HAILEE STEINFELD and FLORIDA GEORGIA: I like the back and forth from the male and female singers. A bit of a generic song about how they hope that they found someone better. But the back and forth makes it feel like more of a story.

NEVER BE THE SAME by CAMILA CABELLO: A slower song with a nice hook with some weird lyrics. It is like they had the primary goal of rhyming something even if they had to mispronounce something. However, it kind-of works. No real prizes for the lyrics but it does have a nice pace.

FOR YOU by LIAM PAYNE and RITA ORA: I like the lyrics and a more old-fashioned love song. Once again having two parts makes it feel like more of a story. In some ways, this is the song that has the shortest shelf life as it feels a bit over-produced to get any sort of sincerity across, with the lyrics constantly competing with what should be softer background music.

WAIT by MAROON 5 and A BOOGIE WIT A HOODIE: Just a catchy Maroon 5 song. I don’t even know what this is about. Definitely over-produced like For You, but here is actually fits. This is because the subject matter isn’t mean to be a big love song but it is simply someone trying to get a girl to hear him out over some mistake at a party or something. It sounds deeper than it actually comes out.

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Incoming Kickstarter Games

So there are a few games that are incoming on Kickstarter that I am pretty excited about. I thought I would just run through sun of them:

DICE THRONE 2nd SEASON- I was really excited about this. But since they released the teaser for co-operative boss fights in 3rd season, I am less excited. Because I am all in for 3rd season.

HAND OF FATE ORDEALS: Really excited to try this out. I always like rule and makes stuff, although there last couple of games have left me a bit dry. They are no longer a company I get excited about but am looking forward to trying this meta-game-game.

BEASTS OF BALANCE 2nd EDITION: Mainly for the toy factor. Also looks like a pretty chill game in general.

COIN AND CROWN: A game where your currency is actually your bag-building giving incentive for smaller coins. Seems neat and minimal in its artwork so hopefully it ends up being more than just the one gimmick.

7th CONTINENT EXPANSION: An expansion for one of my top 10 games. Salivating at the thought of getting stuck into this.

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So with Gencon over, there are a bunch of games that have come out or were on the previews to get me excited. I just thought I would give a quick rundown on some of the games that I am excited to try out or get.

On the more lightweight side of things, the ones that stood out to me were Reef and Gizmos. Both games seem like simple games that build around a couple of mechanisms that aren’t too confrontational. Welcome To…. is also pretty high up there.

On the more narrative side of things, Nyctophobia and The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr both look good. Call to Adventure has also convinced me to jump on the Kickstarter bandwagon, although it just looks like a fancy Roll Player.

The heavy games are only a few. Coimbra seems like a game, but I probably may pick up an earlier release (Yokohama for example) that may be cheaper.  Expancity also looks really good and I liked Breaking Games previous things (Rise of Tribes and Asking for Trobils).