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Television Backlog

Well, this is new.

I am sitting in an unfamiliar place with none of the friendly faces I have surrounded myself with close by. But now I have a chance to catch up on all the television that I have yet to watch. The hit list includes:

Archer (The Latest Season)- Definitely one of my favourite shows, although the new season hasn’t really grabbed me.

7.5 seasons of House- My attempt to marathon this show ended after 1.5 seasons so now I watch isolated seasons.

Grimm and Almost Human- 2 shows that I have only just started watching (a couple of episodes each) but have enjoyed so far. The question with each of these (in my opinion) is whether they can end satisfactorily before they jump the shark too much.

Mortal Kombat Konquest- A show so bad it should make me feel better.

All together, that is about 100 hours of television (more or less), so it should distract my too-active mind for a little bit at any rate.