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Kickstarter Retrospective: Monster Mansion and Dragon’s Ransom

Time for another Kickstarter Retrospective where I look back at the games I have backed and where are they now.

Monster Mansion: This looked so cool. However, it came very late, had printing errors and had to wait 6 months for new components, and just wasn’t a good game. I originally got it because I thought it would be a Zombie 15′ style game. Instead, it was pretty much flip a card and see what happens. The traitor mechanics, timed mechanism, etc. all felt tacked on. This game was sold.

Dragon’s Ransom: A solo game (with a 2 player mode later added as a free pdf download), I really like this game. It is effectively defending lanes against certain heroes. I would really like an expansion of about 20 cards and an extra hero, so then you don’t see everything every game. It also relies on learning the deck and its strengths. Still a game I pull out for a simple solo game, although it has some recent competition (Fantasy Defense, Superhot, Roll Player) for the quick solo option. It is still in my collection.

So that is the next 2 retrospectives. From my very early days of using Kickstarter, I wouldn’t have backed Monster Mansion today. However, Dragon’s Ransom is still a game I would be interested in.


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Kickstarter Board Game Thoughts (10 July 2017)

Well, after the madness of May/June Kickstarter, things look a bit quieter now on here for the big projects. Instead, there seems to be a bunch of small projects around the place. Here are some quick thoughts on some new projects:

TRIPLOCK by JOSH AND ADAM CARLSON: Too Many Bones has come out to great reviews. So now, they have made a puzzle-type game that looks great. It has well-passed its funding goal. It is 1-2 players only though and abstract, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed it down. Backed.

PERDITIONS MOUTH: TRAITOR GUARD EXPANSION by ARCTIC UNION: I have the original game, and this looks like a nice little mini-expansion. Not only that, but you can bundle it with the kickstarter stuff from the original. This is a cool campaign-based dungeon crawler with an action rondel where your party gets worn down between missions and needs to rest. And the rondel also punishes you from spamming action. Backed.

GODS OF TYN HARRA: With a Dice Tower Origins preview video and gorgeous art, this game looks intriguing. Not to mention the price point seems pretty good. However, with Codex, Aventuria, Allegiance: A Realm Divided, Star Realms, etc.  in my collection, I don’t feel the need to try another dueling-type game unfortunately.  Not to mention $20 worldwide shipping seems a bit steep.  Pass.

PEPPER AND CARROT by LOYALIST GAMES: A nice little puzzle-type game. It seems quite cheap and has you modifying your goods tableau to pattern match. I have the early-bird pledge locked in but, with Century: Spice Road and Splendor (or Theseus for a more serious theme), I may not keep it. It is a decent price but shelf space is not. Backed (for now, but may pass soon).

BIO-LOGIC by ANDREW GAIA: A game about moving through the human body. It looks cool, kind-of like Mage Knight with a Carcasssone tile-placement. But, with Viral coming out soon and a previous Kickstarter game about an anatomy (not sure what the name was), the theme isn’t quite as unique as it was a year or so ago. The price point for a non-miniature Kickstarter also seems slightly high, but shipping seems low (so some base shipping costs appear to be part of the pledge).  At the moment it is a pass, but it doesn’t seem to be getting much traction. With a few more reviews and playthroughs (if it relaunches) it may be backed.