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The following is a list of board games that I would play immediately (pending organising a group) when they come out:

TIME STORIES: A bit hard to organise as we need a group of 4, but as soon as it comes out I am ordering it and giving people the heads up to organise a day. This is definitely a game I will drop most things to play but is slightly hamstrung by needing to organise the same group of 4.

UNLOCK: Also by Space Cowboys, I will try to organise people to come around and play it immediately to see what new tricks they have in store for us. I would imagine that EXIT or Deckscape would be similar to this if I played them.

MANSIONS OF MADNESS 2nd EDITION: When a new scenario or update comes out, I look forward to playing this. This also has the advantage that I can play it solo quite effectively and then have things play out differently if I play it again.

The only other game that may be added in is Arkham Horror Living Card Game when I have the chance to play it a bit more. I have read the rules but just need time to sit down an give it a play. The Scythe expansions (I think 2 more are coming soon) are also instant buys to want to play.